Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blood, sweat and beers.

After almost a month of non stop work, I finally finished the most challenging painting thus far in my career.

"Ten thousand times I thought about it, this time I'm doing it."
Oil and Acrylic on canvas.
28" x 18"

Big ups to my girl Tamara Lichtenstein, who lent me her beautiful photograph.


Sophia Almada said...

I've seen this all over tumblr lately! Beautiful piece.

Bianca Mimiza said...

Love your work! It really feels like we should care. Congratulations...

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Cayetano G Valenzuela said...

I have been marveling at this painting all morning. I am trying to imagine how it was made. It is absolutely stunning. The complex layers of focus and color are out of this world. Very nice work.