Saturday, April 25, 2009

Straddling the line.

The stuff I make-
The beginning stages- where the drawing of the people I'm painting look pretty creepy. Hah.

My DIY project. The shredded shirt-

Only took me three hours...yikes.

The stuff I wish I could make. Rodarte-

Anatomy inspired! Double swoon.

And just for fun-

Michael Cera. Dude gets me every time. So precious.

I did a long bike ride today with some family. Like four hour racing speed ride. First ride of the season in Noord Holland. It was rough and we were going against the wind almost the entire time, but a seriously perfect way to see Holland. Four hours of riding through farms and neighborhoods and tulip fields = beautiful and sore. Picture of me at the starting line by Anneke. I look like I'm wearing a trashbag. Hah.

Made me miss my bicycle even more.

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