Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sony Bravia from Laurent MAKOWSKI on Vimeo.

I hope everyone has seen this. It is unreal genius. And filmed in San Francisco!

Also, I found this on Fecal Face a long time ago, two years maybe, and just found it again. I lost the link after my hard drive crashed. It's so beautiful, shot beautifully, oh man. It's just perfection.

And, I am currently working on a black version of the shredded shirt, except the shreds will be on the sides instead of in the middle of the front and back. Pictures when it happens.

Queen's Day tomorrow! So excited! Pictures of that a little later this week obviously. Also, I'm going to see Great Lake Swimmers in Utrecht, and then hopefully again at the Paradiso (in Amsterdam). This week is full full full.


Anonymous said...

dude. that first video. they filmed that next to my old house. i still remember when they put up fliers and sent us notices that they were going to film a commercial. i was bummed that my house didnt make it in the final cut though. kv

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