Sunday, April 19, 2009

Lots of pretty springtime-ish things.

+Couple of mine:

{I am having a seriously hard time controlling myself and not taking a thousand pictures of cherry blossoms and magnolias. They are in full bloom over here and my heart palpitates every time I pass a group of trees. But let's be honest, how can you not just adore these beauties?!}
{This is from the top of Nemo. I decided to climb it today because it boasts the best views of amsterdam.}

+Couple from others:

{Dream boat boy Jethro Cave-Nick Cave's son-with a Robert Frost text tattoo. swoon.}

Mm. Gotta save them pennies for one of these Peter Pilotto other worldly {literally+figuratively} frocks.

Okay. Next post; my art update. Pinky swear.

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hh said...

the picture of the high heels in the ice box is perfection and jethro cave is absolutely heavenly. kisses and bullshit. xo