Thursday, March 26, 2009

I got game like EA.

This is indeed what I do at my internship, photoshop old family photos. That, slowly learn how to make the internet and google my name. 

Oh, also. I think some of us are going to run the 5k in July for the SF marathon, so you should do that with us. It's only 3 miles and you get a free shirt. I wanna get a whole group going. That would be cute. 

En suite, the pictures from my outtings in Utrecht. And, yes, friends. I did finally go to a coffeeshoppe. 

This is Nealy. She's from Atlanta. She owns an AK47. No joke.

Some weird Canadian we met.
Flower given to me by an 18 year old dutch boy. Hah.

Flower and me. Taken by Nealy.

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kvan said...

sup. why doesnt our vidchat work like it should. i got back yesterday and i had one text message, one voicemail, and three myspace messages. its easier to get off the map then one would think. whats your email so i can give you a minute by minute replay of the last two months, and you can braggg about your european backpacking adventure. love, kevi