Thursday, January 22, 2009

I just want to see you underwater.

Right behind Anneke + Niko's huis in Alkmaar.
Muiderpoort Station, waiting for the train.
Anneke + Niko!

I think I'm fully recovered from jet lag. It wasn't too bad. I slept about 15 hours the first night I was here, I was so tuckered out. I went to Alkmaar on Wednesday (Woensdag, I'm trying to learn dutch...) to visit Niko + Anneke. I forgot how amazing they are. Anneke took really great care of me, she made a really fantastic dinner for me. And coffee and tea all the time. She is taking me to an Oilily fashion show  next Friday (Vrijdag) and Niko is taking me to a new materials expo in February in Rotterdam! 

They finished turning watertower into their office for Noordweztsen, which is Niko's architecture firm (, if you're interested). Last time I was in Alkmaar they has barely started on it, it's so spectacular now! I don't have any pictures but I will before too long. 

Also, I will have pictures of  their incredible huis. It just got marked as a historical land mark by the city + country. Same with the water tower.  

I'm heading back up to Alkmaar today in about an hour to meet with Niko + his company to discuss plans for me working with them. 

I still can't believe I'm here. 

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