Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I have been riding my bike around town and taking a couple pictures here and there. I'm trying not to appear too much like a tourist, but everything around here is so picturesque. Like this canal. Ugh. Every canal. 

Ma is coming to visit in about a month. I'm excited. We're heading to Paris for a bit and Zurich for a while. Zurich is about the same distance from Paris as Amsterdam is, so we might just go from Paris to Zurich. I would almost rather fly, but maybe we'll fly back from Zurich. 

I want to go to Italy too, but that's too many trips in one visit. I still need to see the rest of the Netherlands too. Oi. 

Thank god for streaming Seinfeld!


kimbot said...

Pookers, I found a ticket for $750, roundtrip. March 21st-28th. Let's try and make this dream a reality.

Pakayla said...

Book dat ticket giiiiirrrllll.