Friday, January 23, 2009

A couple of amusing items.

Well. It's midnight here in cold/rainy/blustery Amsterdam and I have been working on my computer for Niko for hoursss and my eyes are about to peel off if I make another clipping mask and/or inDesign document. So instead I'm going to share with you some fun things I found:

Article A:

Really beautiful. Forgot who it's by.

Article B:

True. And also forgot who it's by.

Article C:

Straight up my dream bathtub. 

Article D:

Justin aka Bon Iver aka Let'sgetmarried.

Article E:

Covering Bush St in good ol' SF with an Obama sticker. That's pretty alright, I think.

Article F: <--- Watch that it's really precious.


hh said...

you're doing so many exciting things! aaah. it's wonderful.

Kristel Guise said...

I like that bath tub. It's very simple. Been looking up at some manufacturers 'coz I'm planning to redesign my entire bathroom. A walk in shower would be great, too. Hehe!