Thursday, May 1, 2008

Rolling rock blues/in for a late night.

I wrote a couple weeks ago about working with decals that can go through the kiln without being warped, etc.. Well, here's one of the test runs. Look at that little guy, ain't he cute! The colors are very limited, pretty much only maroon, light and dark. But it's nice because you can print it from a regular printer. I love messing around with this kind of stuff. I'm just working with small tiles now (aka beverage coasters for my room!), I think I might try and incorporate a bunch of them into a piece of furniture, that would be amazing. Like a table top, or maybe into a bench or chair. I guess I'll figure it out later on.

I'm going to get started on a painting for my clothed figure painting class all night. It's due in two weeks, but I'm really excited to work on it. 

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