Saturday, April 26, 2008


Paul took this of me with some type of low res camera a while ago. He lives in New York now doing his photography thing. You should check his flickr here, his stuff is real nice:

I'm currently in Seattle visiting my sister and some friends. The weather is great, reminds me a lot of San Francisco but a bit colder. They've got some amazing little shops here. We stopped into this vintage shop called Twenty-twenty in Ballard and they had these precious little wallets made from vintage newspapers.  Also, we went to an incredible joke/trinket/random unless stuff shop called Archie McPhee ( where I got a bunch of really great inexpensive wacky stuff to mail off to people. Rachel, Ivre, JSN and I took photo booth pictures there too, which I will post as soon as someone scans them and hands 'em over.Y Yesterday I crashed on PJs couch and in the morning he took me to this amazing vegan donut place called Mighty O's. They had all these inventive flavors, like French Toast and the like. They were so delicious I wanted to buy a dozen and bring them home. 

 I've been taking some pictures too, mostly of my sisters' kids. Which hopefully I'll get up on here when I get home on Tuesday. So expect an image heavy entry.

And, hey! If you're bored check out Pretty much one of my favorite websites as of late, its a great resource, hosts a lot of great guest blogs, tons of good artwork, and really brilliant design-based stuff. I highly recommend heading over and taking a look. Also, if you're into that you might also want to go see, too. Kelly Lynn Jones runs this blog along with the online store www.littlepaperplanes. The blog shows a ton of great art and has links to a bunch of good artists, websites and galleries. And for the more post modern (ha!) folk: is magnificent, also is on my top ten too. Do it!

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