Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The million shades and tastes of gold.

I'm going to start pouring some images of my art onto here. So this is the beginning of it. These pieces are mostly stuff from classes, homework and in class work, from last semester (fall 2007). I just realized it's all figurative stuff, but I'll be posting some other non-figurative stuff soon. Don't you fret.

This is actually from a couple semesters ago, it was a 4 hour long in-class drawing. 

This is an oil painting I did for homework. Of Jessie.  

A standing clay figure from class. 

The front and back views of a small in-class figure I did. (The color is a little skewed, its more of a saturated pink on the flesh and brighter blue on the bottom.) 
Also, I think that I should catch you guys up on some of the press that a bit of my recent work has generated. I got into the SF Chronicle in July 0f 2007 for a ceramic piece I did. It was a replication of Van Gogh's painting "Room at Arles". Unfortunately the only image I haveof it completed is the one from the Chronicle because I sold it before I could properly photograph it. I have a one or two of it before I surfaced it too, which I'll post.  

These two images are taken from the SF Chronicle website. The top one is just a photograph of my piece and the bottom is of the poster that my sculpture was on.

This one is of the room before I glazed it a million times. 

These next couple are from the San Francisco State University Magazine [X]press. My two guy friends and I did a sculpture for a San Francisco environmental non-profit organization. It's a commentary on junk mail, so we made it entirely from junk mail. 

Alex Welsh took this one of me welding for the magazine. He was Bella's photographer for this story. I don't have any pictures of the sculpture. But its a big colorful monster. It's pretty silly. But if you're dying to see it, you can visit it in City Hall in San Francisco. I had a video, but for some reason it wasn't uploading.

Right now I'm working on using decals to adhere to the clay that can go though the kiln and still come out relatively clear. I found this stuff that kindof works but only comes in this brown-maroon color. We'll see.

Yeah, so K.I.T. peoples.

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